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Natural State Series: Arnold Paner

May 21, 2024
3 min read

Welcome back to our "Natural State Series," where we spotlight the awesome journeys of Tune M1 owners. This edition features Arnold Paner, a dedicated senior firefighter and family man from the Los Angeles, CA area, whose story of service and adventure captures the spirit of what it means to live boldly.

Arnold has dedicated 23 years to serving his busy community as a firefighter, tackling everything from multi-level structure fires and hazardous material mitigation to auto extrication and rope rescues. He also supports his teams as a truck engineer, trainer, mentor, and social content creator.  

Arnold's sense of adventure extends beyond his unpredictable profession. He's also a devoted husband and father of two boys. Together, they love exploring the outdoors and use every opportunity to hit the scenic trails of Southern California and the west — from the slopes of Big Bear to the rugged landscapes of Joshua Tree, the Sierras, Nevada and Utah.

Arnold’s Tune M1 isn't just a vehicle; it's a part of the family. Equipped with a fridge, microwave, and even a custom-built exterior hammock, the Tune M1 is the perfect "base camp" for their family outings. Whether it's serving as a navigator through scenic destinations, a cozy retreat at his sons’ sports events, or a sleeping haven in the driveway, the Tune M1 brings a touch of home wherever they go.

Looking ahead, Arnold is buzzing with excitement about a family reunion trip to Colorado this summer. It’s the perfect chance to make new memories and share his love for adventure with his family, exploring new terrains and perhaps finding that perfect remote spot he dreams of retiring to one day.

It’s not just the practical features that make the Tune M1 Arnold's companion in his life of adventure, it’s also the futuristic aesthetic and the flexibility it offers. Arnold appreciates the style and the versatility of the M1, which perfectly complements his dynamic lifestyle.

Join Arnold and countless others who have transformed their way of life with the Tune M1. It’s more than a camper — it’s a gateway to adventure, a tool for local heroes, and a family retreat.

Ready to create your own stories? The Tune M1 is waiting for you.

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