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VinYl Window Inserts

For camping in a cold or wet environment where you want the view but not the elements, these fit the bill. Plus, we designed them to velcro in at the top and tuck in at the bottom, so when even the best vinyl materials yellows over time with UV degradation, simply buy a new set.

Custom Tune Goal Zero Mounting Bracket

This helps keep the your power supply secure and stable while on rough roads, plus it looks great. Hardware included.

Glass Awning Door: Rear and Sides

Glass doors allow more light in the camper area, provide visibility from rear view mirror (if you chose the cab access slider in your build), and give your Tune M1 a more modern and functional aesthetic.  

Aluminum Awning Door: Rear and Sides

Aluminum doors come standard with every Tune M1, but are also available separately to provide the Tune M1 with security and added durability when you need a different configuration.

Aluminum Awning Door with Tinted Glass Insert: Rear Only

Add the security of an aluminum awning with the visibility of a hexagonal glass insert.

Hammer Nuts

With over 440+ feet of T-track on a Tune M1, hammer nuts allow for infinite mounting possibilities on the inside and outside of your Tune M1.

Grab Handle

Being able to open your Tune M1 from the outside is what some customers prefer to do. The Grab Handle gives you a secure, grippable place to push while opening your Tune M1.

Insulation Pack

Adds warmth during the winter months and helps cool down your camper during the summer. The pack covers all four sides of the canopy with a 600g thin laminate insulation to increase your camper’s insulation properties while still maintaining access to the four side windows.

Installation instructions can be found here.

LPG 10 lb. Propane Tank

Provides a lasting and reliable source of fuel for your heater kit and other uses. It is DOT approved and powder-coated for long-lasting exterior protection.

Molle Panel and Molle Link

Maximize your carrying capacity and stay organized with our custom built Tune MOLLE Panel, the ultimate customizable solution for the world's most configurable truck camper.

LPG Tank Mount

A secure and sleek propane holder that attaches firmly to the Tune M1 T-track on the vertical extrusion located on the outer rear driver’s side of your vehicle. The custom brackets were designed to ensure a low profile by bringing the tank in as much as possible while still allowing the rear awning door to open. Plus, the latch is padlock-compatible and allows you to quickly attach 5 lb. or 10 lb. propane tanks.

Universal Awning Mount

If you are looking for some shade in the desert and want to mount an awning to your Tune M1, our Universal Awning Mount is your solution. We could not find a solution we liked, so we built it.

Gear Anchor

A simple solution for organizing your gear that uses our 440+ ft of T-track, so you can mount and hang things almost anywhere.

Ladder Brackets

Looking to get on top of your Tune M1 (while closed) to star gaze or load gear? Or are you a snow hound that camps near the resorts and need to clear fresh snow to drop your canopy? In either case, these Ladder Brackets give you a secure place to hook your ladder to gain safe access to your roof.

Coming Soon

Bed Extension Recliner

Turn your King Size Sliding Bed Extension into a recliner for reading, playing your favorite games or just kick your feet up and enjoy the views out of your panoramic windows.