LPG Tank Mount
$ 249.00 USD

Our custom-designed LPG Tank Mount is a secure, sleek propane holder that attaches firmly to the Tune M1 T-track on the vertical extrusion located on the outer rear driver’s side of your vehicle. The custom brackets were designed to ensure a low profile by bringing the tank in as much as possible (no side resistance) while still allowing the rear awning door to open. Plus, the simple latching method allows you to quickly attach 5 lb. or 10 lb. propane tanks. The design blends seamlessly with the Tune M1’s modern aesthetic while also providing easy configurability, easy fuel access inside and out.

  • Compatibility: Holds 5 or 10 lb propane tanks (one tank at a time with a minor configuration change)
  • Material: Made with strong, lightweight powder-coated aluminum 
  • Security: Padlock compatible latch to lock your propane tank if needed
  • Aesthetic: Complements the modern aesthetic of the Tune M1
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