Nature rewards
innovation and simplicity

So, that’s the way we built the TUNE M1.

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Install appointments available starting JUly 30th

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Your deposit formally kicks off your order. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and confirm your build details and set an install date.


Running to the install date, full payment is due 45 days in advance to trigger all-custom prep and assembly.


We will notify you along the way as your Tune M1 build comes to life.


Your install and product on-boarding will be completed in Denver at our HQ in your scheduled two-hour window.

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Tune M1

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Get out there,

Stay out there


We are an innovation company, by nature. To us, innovation is the convergence of our collective experience and intuition, alongside durable materials and thoughtful design, all in the tireless pursuit of perfection.


Form and function, unite. If something isn’t simple, it probably isn’t well designed. The Tune isn’t stripped down so much as it is geared up. We just looked at everything through a lens of essential function and performance, rather than trying to stuff in a lot of ready-to-break accessories you don’t really need.

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A guarantee that goes above & beyond

We offer a 3-year guarantee on design and workmanship; we also believe the structure might last longer than your truck.