Insulation Pack
$ 500.00 USD

The Insulation Pack adds warmth during the winter months and helps cool down your camper during the summer. The pack covers all four sides of the canopy to increase your camper’s insulation properties while still maintaining access to the four side windows. You’re also able to leave the Insulation pack attached while setting up and collapsing your Tune M1 for added convenience.

  • Material: Quilted custom-made 600g thin laminate (Thinsulate-style) insulation
  • Attachments: Fold down fabric bungee attachment ports
  • Seal: Velcro attachment on all edges for complete seal
  • Access: Complete exterior window access
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Tune M1 dimensions for easy installation and removal
  • Weight: 10 lbs
Installation Instruction can be found here.
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