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Natural State Series: Robert Espuga

April 17, 2024
3 min read

We're back for a second volume of our "Natural State Series" that dives into the stories of those who've turned their passion for the outdoors into a way of life.

We're happy to feature Robert Espuga, a New Jersey native whose journey from the pharmaceutical industry to nutrition coaching underscores his commitment to empowering others toward healthy lifestyles.

Robert's experience is a testament to the power of nature in fostering family bonds and personal growth. With a lifelong zeal for adventure, Robert, his wife, and his son have always enjoyed exploring the outdoors through backpacking, camping, and hiking. This shared love led Robert and his son to discover overlanding two years ago, finding in it the perfect blend of their interests. He prioritizes taking three trips out west per year to seek out unique overlanding spots and spend quality time with his son.

Transitioning from a rooftop tent to the Tune M1 was a pivotal moment for Robert. The upgrade was spurred by the need for a more durable, livable solution after some challenges in the backcountry. Robert describes the Tune M1 as a "game changer" thanks to its available living space, quick setup, and undeniable coolness factor that never fails to turn heads.

Looking ahead, Robert is excited to introduce his grandson to overlanding this summer in Pennsylvania, hoping to pass on the same sense of adventure to a new generation of Espugas.

The Tune M1 is not just a vehicle for Robert; it's a vessel for transformation, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper connection with family and the outdoors. 

Inspired by his story? Let the Tune M1 be an inspiration for your next adventure.

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