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The Power of Transverse Positioning (Sleeping East-to-West)

March 21, 2024
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Camping road trips help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in the Great Outdoors. The experience is only enhanced when your home away from home has the space to accommodate you and your gear without sacrificing functionality and comfort. 

Enter the Tune M1’s game-changing transverse sleep positioning in a lightweight canopy-style pop-up camper—sleeping east to west, or sideways, vs. north to south, or lengthwise. It’s a departure from the typical camper in this category that shifts the focus from linear arrangements to utilizing a camper’s lateral space more efficiently, allowing for more versatile use of your vehicle’s square footage. 

Engineers at Tune Outdoor have accomplished just that with the new Tune M1 camper by employing the patented Wing-Wall Design, which creates enough side-to-side space—72 inches in your typical Toyota Tacoma—to fully contain the bed area sideways over your truck’s cab. The result opens up the truck bed for better flexibility and functionality, letting you use it as a place to relax, chill and cook unimpeded right next to your sleeping area. Following are a few benefits this ability to sleep sideways delivers:

Separation from lower living space: The innovative design of the Tune M1 allows you to incorporate such amenities as a seating nook, cooking area, workstation and more all without interfering with your bed space while camping on the road. With the truck bed cleared and optimized, it also lets you move around freely and stretch your legs when confined due to weather, all without affecting your comfy bedding.  

Less hassle (No Cushion Tetris): Unlike sleeping in truck campers where you must remove or reposition your mattress every time during the day, the transverse sleeping positioning of the Tune M1 means you can sleep and then wake up and make your coffee without taking cushions apart—while still enjoying plenty of headroom. You can also go about your day’s activity—climbing, hiking, paddling, and more—without the hassle of juggling cushions to access your gear. Bonus: When it’s time to move on to the next campsite or adventure or, heaven forbid, head home, simply close the canopy right on top of the bedding, where it’ll be made and ready for your next outing.

Seamless integration of indoor/outdoor living: Tune’s game-changing sideways-sleeping design also enables a near seamless connection with the outdoors. Like a modern home opening onto a deck, the Tune M1’s large side and rear panels let you easily bring the outside in, blurring the boundaries between your camper's interior and the beautiful landscapes outside. The design also allows for better ventilation and airflow throughout the camper, creating a more pleasant environment inside. 

More room for furry friends (and your gear): Like camping with your pets? Being able to sleep east to west, or sideways, spells plenty of room for dogs, cats and, yes, even parakeets to join you in the upper loft or in their own cozy spot on the floor, with easy access outside for when nature calls (sorry: that llama might still have to stay outside). And keep your gear inside as well while you slumber, be it your mountain bike, climbing rack or shortboard.

Tune’s goal was to design a solution that maximizes comfort and functionality. Sideways sleeping, thanks to its patented Wing-Wall Design whose flared sidewalls create more width, is the key to this transformative change in happy camping.

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