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April 11, 2023
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Adventurers Noah and Emily have carried a passion for exploring the outdoors throughout their entire lives.

From a young age, Noah began learning about outdoor survival, eventually leading to an 863-
mile long hike in 2019 and living out of his truck for several months. Emily says, “Noah and I
would pick a state and then research areas to find a cool hike (or two). This expanded when we
went international and went backpacking through Europe.”

Between hiking, rock climbing, and more, it’s no surprise that Noah was interested in becoming
a wilderness first responder and working in search and rescue. He says it was his “deep desire to
be an asset on a high functioning team that serves the community” which got him interested in
learning more.

After working in the position for some time, Noah says the “experience has been great, many
incredible and uncomfortable moments” and that “the team is my family.”

Further, while the job can be both dangerous and risky at times, Noah states, “The most fulfilling
part about the work is knowing that I have been a small part of saving many people's lives and
never receiving personal credit for it. There have been several situations where the subjects were
on the razor’s edge between life and death and our team was the only ones capable of the job.”
In addition to assisting in his lifesaving work, he notes that, “The M1’s capabilities to hold gear
securely and more organized will be incredibly important, and it’s possible during inclement
weather it could be used for staging, planning, and getting ready for several members.”

When Noah isn’t working in the southern Front Range he goes truck camping in his free time
along with Emily. He enjoys the freedom, self-reliance, storage, and shelter it offers on each of
their adventures.

Emily explains that, “With Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico right around us I just want to
explore whenever we get the chance. The ability to go farther out and have less limitations in
regards to weather or terrain is amazing to me. And I feel like truck camping is the best happy
medium as far as traditional camping and glamping that Noah and I could both get excited

In their search for the perfect camper, Noah wanted something lightweight for his 2006 Tacoma
that was also strong enough to hold all of his items, comfortable for sleeping, organizable for
gear, and durable for years to come. Emily further states, “We always factored in: Sam [their
dog], organization of gear, recovery equipment for the vehicle, cooking arrangements, and
sleeping arrangements.”

This extensive search eventually led the two to choose the Tune M1 after looking at several other
brands. Noah notes some of his favorite features that stood out when making the decision:
“Weight is appropriate. Largest sleeping area without moving floor panels. Interior tracks for
gear and organization. Lots of windows in the tent. Windows in the front and back of the topper.

Aluminum sides and locking doors. Able to lock the rear door from the inside. Seating from the
flared-out topper sides. Roof tracks and extrusions all over the exterior. The ability to be
installed and removed easily. It also looks great. The testing for waterproof, durability, and
longevity that y'all did really sealed the deal for me.”

Emily says they were able to make the decision fairly quickly once seeing the Tune M1 due to
their thorough background research, the camper checking all of the boxes they were looking for.
“It’s kind of like searching for a new home, you can walk in and kind of just know,” she

The two plan to use the Tune M1 for work-related tactical gear during Noah’s work week, as
well as search and rescue gear. The truck bed will also be used during their adventures for
storage, an area for the dog, and a heater for wintertime.

Emily notes, “The height of the camper when fully open is one of my favorite things. Not only
does the camper fan just pass the bed, providing you an additional 10 inches of space within your
truck bed, but it feels so spacious. When you have a partner that is 6’ and have a large dog, space
is a hot commodity.”

With the Tune M1 now in tow, Noah and Emily plan to explore eastern Utah, western Colorado,
northern New Mexico, and even the Grand Canyon. Safe travels!

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