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Why Pete & Corey Chose the Tune M1 Camper

March 10, 2023
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As an outdoor enthusiast, you will know how important it is to have a comfortable and reliable home base when exploring the great outdoors. That's where the Tune M1 comes in - a lightweight backcountry truck camper that can go wherever adventure takes you. 

But don't just take our word for it. The story of Pete and Corey Vastyan, avid outdoors persons and our very first customers (Tune #1), best describes the consumer process to select the Tune M1.

Thirteen years ago, Pete met Corey in FL where they began exploring FL and outdoor recreation together including surfing and mountain biking. The hot climate in Florida necessitated the use of air conditioning during activity-driven camping trips, prompting them to start their vehicle camping experience with a 29-foot tagalong camper. Over time, they eventually upgraded to a 36' toy hauler 5th wheel with all the amenities and lots of space.

Relocating to Colorado, they found over time that a big trailer was not the most suitable option for Colorado backroads. The rig was damaged by hitting trees and getting torqued, also resulting in damaged bed rails to the truck. Similarly, there were several incidents around the Front Range that proved very risky to the whole setup. 

Now with a daughter, Zoey, who also grew up loving to camp, they sold their 5th wheel and began exploring alternative family options better suited to the CO backcountry. They considered vans - pre-builds and customs - but ultimately decided on truck campers to avoid owning another motor and accommodate the Ford F150 they already owned.

The F150 did not feel right with larger slide-ins, such as Lance, due to the internal footprint. Even though slide-ins are well outfitted and come with many comfort adds, the living space is small as defined by the pickup bed. The slide-ins they checked out had little floor space after all the built-ins, and their two dogs were always in the middle of the floor space left over. Focusing on extra square feet of livable, usable space became the key driver for their search. 

They decided to go for a lighter weight, minimalist camper and checked out several brands including Go Fast and Lone Peak, but none had the function they were looking for. The bed space was uncomfortable for sleeping and camping simultaneously in the wedge tents. They also again considered more expensive SuperTramp and Cirrus slide-ins, which were lighter than the Lance, but too tall for 8-foot parking. They found the Palamino backpack pop-top interesting, but it was too cramped for their liking. They needed more floor space and did not want to deal with taking the camper on and off due to an HOA ban on trailers stored at their residence. They ultimately decided to go back to a more lasting attachment, and they found the Tune M1 before we actually launched.

Pete explains: “The Tune M1 provides enhanced bed use, comfort and size, which are crucial factors. Additionally, the camper provides ample space for storage and cooking, as well as accommodating our young daughter. We prefer to avoid paying for storage or having to remove it frequently, and the camper's size is suitable for everyday driving. Although options such as casters and winches are available, they require a lot of effort. Moreover, keeping the camper attached to the truck is convenient and enables us to park it without any issues, even at the 8 ft lots at DIA when I’m often traveling for work. The engineering and testing behind the product is also convincing. Driving on washboard roads in Moab raised some concerns, but the testing process gave me reassurance.” 

Pete also likes the challenge the Tune team discussed with its own testing processes. "Give ME a chance to break it," he laughed.

As core outdoor enthusiasts, we created the Tune M1 for customers just like Pete and his family!

One of the biggest benefits of the Tune M1 is its lightweight design, which means it will minimally impact your daily driving. But just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it lacks comfort. The Tune M1 is designed with plenty of internal storage and cooking space, as well as enough room for an approximate queen or king bed and floor space for a small family - including furry friends.

Another key feature of the Tune M1 is its durability. This camper is designed to handle rough off-road terrain both in its weight and design, making it perfect for adventurous families who love to explore the great outdoors. And as Pete mentioned, the engineering and testing of the M1 is reassuring - you can trust that this camper will stand up to whatever challenges you throw its way.

Finally, with the M1's attachment design and pop-up canopy, there’s no worry about trailer restrictions or the hassle of taking a topper on and off. But you can take it off if you want, using identified jack load locations on the frame. Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, or any other outdoor sport, the TUNE M1 is an ideal addition to your adventure.

Looking to learn more about the M1? Visit our customizations page to explore how you can tailor it to your preferences, or feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have!

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